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Hare Trimmed (1953)
Directed by: I. Freleng
Featuring: Yosemite Sam

At the border of town is a sign reading, "Doughnut Center. What a hole." On the front porch of the general store, one of the floor boards has a door knob. This is the entrance to Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole. As Bugs gets his mail from the post office, Yosemite Sam is reading the newspaper headline, "Local widow inherits $50 million."

"When I get my hands on that money I'll have the orphans' home torn down and I'll get rid of the police department."

Sam quickly gets candy and flowers, and Bugs, seeing this, says, "That evil character's going after that nice old lady's money. Looks like this boy scout's gonna do his good deed for the day."

Cut to Sam courting the widow. "I want you, baby. Your eyes. Your lips. Come with me to the Casbah. We'll make beautiful music together." Sam pulls out a trumpet and plays "Sweet Georgia Brown" to Widow Emma's delight. "Land sake," she says. "Nothing like this has happened to me since the boys came back from Gettysburg."

Bugs Bunny comes to Emma's house dressed as a Frenchman. "Aha! I find you, my little romantic pigeon. Fly with me to ze Casbah!" Emma can't believe it. "Twenty years nothing and then it all piles up in one day."

"Eh, what is up, monsieur le physician?" says Bugs. Bugs challenges Sam to a duel for the hand of Emma. He takes off his gloves to slap Sam in the face, but of course the glove has a brick in it.

"Pistols at ten paces?"

"En guard!"

They take their ten paces, and number ten puts Sam right in the path of an oncoming bus. Bugs consults his schedule and watch. "Yep. He's right on time."

"Oooh. What a night!" says Sam.

Cut to Bugs dressed as Emma. He pushes the piano down the steps and it flattens Sam. The real Emma sees Sam staggering, says, "he's looped," and leaves to get him some coffee. Bugs, dressed as Emma, asks Sam if he wants one lump or two, and serves them with a hammer. The real Emma returns with coffee and also asks Sam if he wants one lump or two. Sam wallops Emma with a hammer. "That's how many!"

Behind a closed door, Emma has a rifle. Sam peeks through the keyhole, not knowing the barrel of the rifle is right behind it. "I can see you through the keyhole!" he sings. BLAM! Sam climbs up to look through the transum. BLAM!

"Gimme the lumps! I want the lumps! I like it! I like it!" sings a loopy Yosemite Sam. Bugs-as-Emma says, "You're cute. Let's elope." Cut to Sam standing at the bottom of a ladder propped against Emma's house. Bugs is throwing down furniture and everything else to a waiting Sam. "That dame's taking everything but the kitchen sink." Down comes the kitchen sink. He calls up to Bugs, "Don't forget the money, Emmie!" Bugs tosses down an Acme safe.

At their wedding, Bugs' gown rips a bit so his tail is showing. "Do you, Sam, take this woman...woman?" Sam sees Bugs' tail. "No! I won't do it! Not for a billion!" He runs out of the church and Bugs fakes a "boo hoo hoo. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, boo hoo hoo."