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Robot Rabbit (1953)
Directed by: I. Freleng
Featuring: Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd is on his farm singing "Back Home in Indiana" (I guess. The lyrics are, "red, red barn on a farm down in Indiana"). When Bugs starts singing along with Elmer, the farmer realizes that Bugs has all of Elmer's carrots in his hole. Elmer gets his rifle and shoots at Bugs.

"You got me, Doc. I'm going. It's getting dark." Bugs kicks a bucket, symbolically, and makes Elmer feel bad.

"Thanks you so very much for the dance. You dance divinely," says Bugs, teasing Elmer.

"This is the last stwaw, wabbit," says Elmer, as he phones Acme Pest Control. "Hewo, Acme Pest Control? Well, I've got a pest I want controlled." He orders an "ewectwonic pest contwoller with a wobot bwain." A robot arrives. Elmer must insert a picture of a rabbit and press the starter.

"Go get that wong-eared wascal, Mr. Wobot!" The robot shoots a long eared donkey. "Wha'd I do? Wha'd I do?" says the donkey.

Elmer tells him "a rabbit has long ears, like this, and hops around, like this."

Robots shoots Elmer. He tells robot "I'm not a wabbit" and we hear Bugs singing, lounging amidst the carrots outside his hole. Bugs says to the robot, "Watch where you're going, you hot water heater. You fugitive from a Stanley Steamer."

The robot digs up and sifts Bugs' hole, leaving Bugs in the sifter. "I can see this cigarette machine is gonna cause me no end of trouble."

Bugs tricks the robot into chasing him around and around in the path of a lawn sprinkler. The robot rusts and Elmer fixes it. Bugs makes himself a remale robot. Mr. Robot offered the female robot a can of assorted nuts (and bolts). Bugs literally throws a wrench in the works and the robot's pants fall down.

Bugs sings, "Oh carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime, it's magic."

Robot comes back and screws his head back on. "Uh oh. Here comes old tin pants again."

At an Acme Construction Corp. site, a piledrive is pounding down a beam. Bugs runs through, robot follows, on and on.

Cut to Elmer. "I wonder how my robot is making out." Bugs opens the door holding a bucket. "Does this answer your question?"

Tosses a heap of scrap metal on the floor. Turns and walks out door with bucket, never looking back, and says, "You know, some day these scientists are gonna invent something that'll outsmart a rabbit.