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Napoleon Bunny-part (1956)
Directed by: Friz Freleng

As Bugs burrows under the ground, the subtitle says "Headquarters du Napoleon".

Burrowing under guards and into headquarters, Bugs comes up out of the ground.

"Hey, where am I? One wrong turn off the Hollywood Freeway and I wind up in a the-a-tre lobby. Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well see the show."

"Eh, don't bother, Mac. I'll find a seat down front."

Napoleon is planning a battle on what looks like a gameboard to Bugs.

"Hey, Doc, where ya puttin' the artillery?"

Bugs tries to make suggestions until Napoleon gets mad.

"The emperor makes the decisions around here!"

Bugs tries some snuff. His nostrils turn bright red and he sneezes Napoleon's army men off the board.

"Ze plans are ruined! Guard! Le saboteur, le spy. Arrest le spy!"

"Just a minute, boys. I'll have to run if I'm gonna catch the 5:15," says Bugs, looking at his pocket watch.

A guard accidentally stabs Napoleon with his bayonet instead of Bugs.

"Get that rabbit!" screams Napoleon.

"Hey, Nappy," says Bugs, wrecking the emperor's war game, "this has got Scrabble bat by a mile. You oughta patent it."

Napoleon finds Bugs dressed as his wife, Josephine. He makes a selection from a jukebox and suggests they dance. The selections include "III Coins in the Fountainbleu" by Count du Basie, "Bastille Boogie" by Duc D'Ellington, and "I Ain't Got No Body" by The Guillotineers. As he dances, his tail shows from under his dress.

Bugs slides dowen a banister to escape Napoleon and gets his tail stabbed by a guard.

"It's the guillotine for you, Monsieur Rabbit."

"So that's a guillotine. Yeesh! How're ya fixed for blades, Doc?"

"Into the guillotine!"

"Me? In there? Har de har har. Au revoir. Adios."

Napoleon runs through the guillotine to chase Bugs and gets the back of his clothes sliced off. "Turn in your hood!" he shouts to the executioner. It's Bugs!

"Guard! Sound the alarm. The rabbit has escaped!"

A guard shoots a cannon and Bugs pops out. Bugs runs. Two hospital attendants from Maison d'Idiot see Napoleon.

"I say, look," says one attendant. "There's another Napoleon."

"Twelfth one today," says the other.

They take Napoleon away, kicking and screaming. Bugs watches.

"Imagine that guy thinking he's Napoleon...when I really am!"

Bugs marches down imaginary steps into his hole, wearing a Napoleon-style hat and playing a fife.