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Hyde and Hare (1955)
Directed by: I. Freleng

Birds are flying gracefully in a city park.

"Well, dere day are again," says Bugs. "The little old ladies who feed the pigeons."

Bugs looks at his watch.

"Speaking of pigeons, that little guy who feeds me carrots every day is about due."

Bugs sees a little man approaching.

"Here he is now. Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It's shameful, but, uh, it's a living." The little man shyly offers Bugs a carrot. Bugs pretends to be a regular rabbit, afraid of people, and the man must encourage him to take the carrot. Finally, Bugs drops the charade.

"Eh, look, Doc. We go through this every day. Gets you up early; gets me up early. Whaddya say ya take me home whicha? You could feed me in bed!"

"Why, that would make me very happy," says the little man, "very happy indeed."

As they start to walk home, Bugs leaps into his arms saying, "Carry me?"

"It's strange that you should call me doc. I happen to be a doctor." The sign outside his home reads Dr. Jekyll.

Bugs checks out the fancy digs. "Hmmm. Oak panelling. Wall to wall carpeting. Hey, I'm gonna like this!"

Dr. Jekyll passes by a bubbling beaker in his laboratory. He wants to take it, but fights the urge.

"No, no I won't weaken."

He walks away and ZIP he's back and drinking it. "Oh, I'm so ashamed," he says.

Bugs is playing the piano in another room. Because of the candelabra, he does a quick impression of Liberace.

"I wish my brother George was here."

Bugs plays the minute waltz, beautifully at first. Then a chill comes over him. Unseen to him is the little Dr. Jekyll transformed into a hideous Mr. Hyde. Bugs stiffens and plays terribly. He turns to see Mr. Hyde.

"YOU are a mental case! You don't look good. You sit down," he says, pushing the monster into an armchair. "I'll get the doc." Bugs rushes around, searching for the little doctor. The monster transforms back into the doctor just before Bugs finds him.

"Hey, doc. Hey quick, emergency. Hey, doc, there's a guy out there that's flipped his lid!"

Bugs takes the doctor by the hand and doesn't see that he transforms back into the monster. When he feels a big hairy hand instead of the doctor's little hand, he knows he's got hte monster and runs. He finds the doctor again, back to normal.

"Where've you been? That screwball's loose."

Bugs takes the doctor and hides with him in the stove room.

"I'd like to see him get in here now." We see the doctor's eyes ("Oh, dear," he says.) as he transforms into the doctor, holding the gun Bugs gave him. "Watch where you're pointing that gun." Another chase.

Next they hide in a dark closet.

"Wow, that was a close one, wasn't it?"

Finally himself for a moment, the little doctor doesn't want Bugs to be frightened away by what just happened.

"Stay and you'll never be bothered by that crackpot again. I'm going to pour the entire formula down the drain." But the beaker is empty. "Did you drink it?"

Bugs is highly insulted, and his voice is quite haughty.

"Why, I've never been so insulted in all my life. This, sir, puts an end to our friendship. I am going back to the park. There is no question of my integrity there!"

Bugs leaves the doctor's home, walking back to the park. As he walks he is transformed into a big green monster rabbit. People and animals runs away in terror. Bugs takes out a carrot and starts chewing.

"Now what's eating them? You'd think they never seen a rabbit before."