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Hillbilly Hare (1950)
Directed by: Robert McKimson

Bugs is vacationing in the Ozarks, Arkansas, singing, "I like mountain music..." "So quiet. So peaceful. So far away from danger," he says, until he's confronted by a hillbilly named Curt Martin who puts a rifle right in Bugs' face.

"Be y'all a Martin or be y'all a McCoy, rabbit?"
"My friends say I'm very coy."
"Well then, we be feudin', because I'm a Martin and you're a McCoy."

Bugs gives the hillbilly a sob story, ending up by tying the two barrels of the rifle into a bow around the man's head. Curt's brother Pumpkinhead Martin points another rifle at Bugs.

"Persistent, arent they?"

The Martins chase Bugs into a shed marked, "Danger: Explosives."

"It's so dark in here, I can't see."

"Uh, let's light up," says Bugs. "Here's my lighter."

One of the hillbillies tries the lighter, but it doesn't ignite.

"Dang thing won't work."

"Keep tryin', doc," says Bugs, as he slips out of the powder shed. When the lighter finally works, the shed is blown to bits.

Bugs sees a sign that says, "Square dance tomorry night," so he dresses like a hillbilly girl, with his midriff showing and bows tied to the ends of his ears, which are resting on his shoulders like two pony tails.

The hillbillies run right past Bugs, who calls out to them in a feminine voice.

"What's your hurry, boys? Y'all care to practice with me for the square dance tomorrow?" The two mountainmen fall in love with Bugs at first sight.

Bugs starts up a juke box that plays square dances. He starts dancing with the men, then Bugs unplugs the juke box and starts calling the square dance himself, playing a fiddle.

The hillbillies do everything he says to do, such as:

"Over the hill and over the dale, lower your head and lift your tail."

"Grab a fence post, hold it tight. Whomp your partner with all your might. Whomp him low and whomp him high. Stick your finger in his eye! I'll pull your beard, you pull mine. Into the brook and fish for a trout. Trout, scout, fish about. One more splash and come right out. Wallow around in the old pig pen. Now leave your partner, the dirty ol' thing."

"Whirl whirl, twist and twirl, jump around like a flyin' squirrel. Now don't you cuss and don't you swear, just come right out and form a square."

The hillbillies fall into a hay baler and come out as two square bales of hay.

"Turn around and prominade home." They walk right off a cliff.

"And now you're home. Bow to your partner. Bow to the gent across the hall." They dutifully bow to each other and collapse.

Bugs sings to us, "And that's all!"