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High Diving Hare (1949)
Directed by: I. Freleng
Featuring: Yosemite Sam

Bugs is the barker at a circus. In the middle of his "greatest show on earth" spiel ("Fifteen sensational actos for fifteen cents"), he says, "Eh, pardon me," and turns around to chomp on a carrot. Yosemite Sam wanders into the picture and sees a sign for Fearless Freep's high diving act. He gets all excited and buys a ton of tickets from Bugs.

"I'm a-splurgin'," says Sam.

Bugs goes on and on about his boy Fearless Freep.

Bugs: "Step aside, son, you bother me."

Inside the theater, a sign is changed to say Act I.

"Bring on Fearless Freep! That's my boy!" yells Sam. Bugs announces that Freep will dive off a high platform into a bucket of water. Just then, a telegram is delivered to Bugs stating that Freep will be delayed. Sam forces Bugs to do the high diving act.

Bugs starts to climb the ridiculously high ladder, as Sam follows him, gun in hand. to make sure he does it.

Bugs: "Alright! Alright, quit shovin'!"

At the top, Bugs acts coy and says, "You gotta close your eyes while I put on my bathing suit."

While Sam's eyes are closed, Bugs turns the diving board around and pretends to jump, making sound effects. Sam steps off the edge, thinking he going to climb down the ladder, and falls into the bucket of water instead.

Sam tries to force Bugs, and falls again. Bugs tries to send a bucket of water down ahead of the plummeting Sam (because the bucket down there is empty). Sam frantically tries to push the water down. It reaches the bucket in time, but Sam misses the bucket! Sam makes another attempts and falls again.

Then Bugs makes everything appear to be upside down...rather everything is upside down, and he makes Sam think it's right-side up. Bugs pretends to jump, and Sam falls off. In another attempt, Bugs dares Sam to cross line after line. Sam does so until he falls off the edge. Back at the top, Bugs has set up a doorway. Sam pounds on the door furiously.

"Open that door! Open up that door!"

And to the audience, "You notice I didn't say Richard." (Reference to a popular song of the day, "Open the door, Richard./Open the door and let me in./Open the door, Richard./Why won't you open up that door.") "Open up that door or I'll bust it down. Bugs opens the door and Sam runs through and falls again.

It happens about three more times in rapid succession. Finally, Bugs is tied up, standing at the edge of the diving board, as Sam saws away at the other end. Bugs stays up in mid-air while Sam and the entire platform crash to the floor.

Bugs: "I know this defies the law of gravity, but you see, I never studied law."