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Hare Trigger (1945)
Directed by: I. Freleng
Featuring: Yosemite Sam

Train -- the Superchief
Bugs is sitting in a mail car singing and strumming a banjo. He passes hundreds of rabbits out in a field and quickly puts on his dark glasses.

"Poor relations. They're always out for a touch."

Yosemite Sam holds up the train and puts the money in a mail sack along with Bugs.

"I'm the meanest, toughest, orneriest, Edward Everett Hortoniest..." says Sam.

Bugs says, "Really? The guy in the next car says he's the meanest, toughest, etcet'ra, etcet'ra."

This makes Sam furious, and he rushes into the next car looking for this character. He sees Bugs and asks him if he's the varmint who claims to be the meanest, etc.

Bugs leans against a wall, rolling a cigarette. He takes his sweet time answering Sam.

"I be."

"I'm a givin' you one second to draw a gun," shouts Sam.

Bugs whips out paper and pencil and draws a gun, which Sam can't help but admire. Sam claims he can draw pretty well, too, and starts drawing a gun. He gets nervous and shouts at Bugs to quit looking over his shoulder. Finally, he shows Bugs his drawing. Bugs looks it over as if he's an art critic.

"It stinks," he proclaims. Sam begins chasing Bugs from car to car. Bugs opens the door to the club car, and when we get a look inside, it's live action film of a saloon with a wild party going on.

"Now that's what I call de-luxe accommodations."

Sam puts Bugs on like a hat.

Sam is alone in a car when he hears Bugs' voice. Bugs pretends he's the sheriff, and tells Sam to surrender. Sam is looking all over for the voice.

"Here I am. No here. No here."

Bugs breaks a bottle of red ink so that Sam thinks he's been shot.

"The varlet got me. I'm a headin' for the last roundup."

Bugs sings, "Oh bury me not on the lone prairie" while Sam's twitches, waiting to die. When he doesn't die, he opens his eyes and sees the red ink. Then he finds Bugs.

"Why did you pour ink on my head?"

The chase resumes. In the club car, a fight is going on. Sam goes in, giving Bugs a chance to escape.

"So long, screwy! See ya in St. Louis!"

But Bugs doesn't escape. He's tied up and hanging from the train's mail hook.

"Is this the end of our hero?" the narrator asks?

"He don't know me very well, do he?"