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Forward March Hare (1953)
Directed by: Charles M. Jones

A mailman delivers a letter addressed to B. Bonny, but instead of staying in Bertram Bonny's mailbox, the exhaust from the mail trucks blows it into the home of one Bugs Bunny. Bugs is doing his morning exercises when he sees the letter on the floor. He picks it up and reads, "Greetings..." He realizes what this is.

"Holy cats. I been drafted!" Bugs reports for his physical and is spotted in line with the other men. "So they're inducting rabbits," says the doctor. He asks Bugs to read the eye chart. When Bugs reads the copyright information at the bottom of the chart that's so small the doctor needs a magnifying glass to see it ("Reg. U.S. Pat. Off."), he writes it off to his own overwork. ("I Only Have Eyes for You" plays in the background.")

Bugs reports to basic training where he knocks over an entire line of inductees with his big feet while doing an about face. His drill sergeant gets in trouble with the colonel for this. Both Bugs and the sergeant must drill all night with full packs as punishment. Moments after Bugs gets into his bunk, he is awakened by reveille. He murders the bugler.

"That's that. Now for a nice hot bath." Bugs is taking a bubble bath in the colonel's helmet when his sergeant sees him and gets him out of it. The colonel is mad, grabs his helmet away from the sergeant and puts it on his head. He is drenched, and not too happy with the sergeant.

The sergeant orders Bugs to "Clean and dress the chickens for the officers' dinner." Bugs thinks it's silly, but he dresses the chickens up in little tuxedos and top hats. The sergeant gets in trouble again.

Bugs is using a shell as a hammer to tack up a pin-up girl, causing other soldiers to run screaming from the barracks. The sergeant tries to get to the bottom of this and gets his head blown off (it's inside his collar, of course). We see from a closeup of his stripes that the sergeant is now a corporal, then a private. He's been trying to blame everything on the rabbit, and asks Bugs what he's got against him. Then he realizes Bugs is a rabbit.

"Jumping catfish. We've inducted a rabbit!"

The general says to Bugs, "We're sorry, but there are no provisions for rabbits in the army."

"But, General, sir. Isn't there something a patriotic rabbit can do for his country?"

"Well, yes, there is."

Bugs is now testing shells on an assembly line by hitting them with a hammer. If they don't explode, he writes "DUD" on them. "And just think. In thirty years, I can retire!"