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Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (1964)
Directed by: Robert McKimson
Featuring: Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil is approaching an otherwise peaceful forest. A woodpecker taps out the warning on a tree, which we see in English on the bottom of the screen. TASMANIAN DEVIL HEADING THIS WAY! Animals start running. A couple of beavers use their tails to beat out the same message, which we again see in subtitles. As a stampede leaves the forest, Bugs is in a pond, completely covered in soapy bubbles, and singing, "By a waterfall, I'm calling yoo-hoo-hoo-hoo."

He drops his soap and Taz finds him. Bugs is unaware of him. Taz licks Bugs and spits out the soap. Taz throws water and the bucket on Bugs's head, followed by some ketchup to improve the flavor.

Bugs touches the ketchup and thinks he's bleeding. "A-go-ny! A-go-ny! Quick, get a doctor. I'm bleeding."

Taz heads for a village to find a doctor, repeating the instructions to himself. "Get doctor." Taz finds a medical hut and Dr. Bugs steps out.

"Right on time for your annual checkup, I see," Bugs says to Taz. He paints the Devil's tongue green and puts spotted glasses on him. "Tell me, do you see spots before your eyes?"
"Duh, yeah. Little spots."

Bugs makes it sound pretty bad. He recommends a fluoroscope right away and wheels a television set in from of Taz. On the screen is a western chase seen.

"Your hormones is fightin' with your capillaries." He gives him nitroglycerine and tells him, "This medicine works best if you shake after you swallow." He puts an electric belly firmer vibrating belt on Taz and turns it on. Taz explodes.

Next, Bugs is dressed as a psychiatrist with a Viennese accent. He puts Taz on a couch and makes him talk about his childhood.

"Tell me about your id, ven you vas a kid, yah?"

Taz says something about what a bad little boy he was. He enjoys telling the story. Bugs asks him to slow down because he's got to write down all the good stuff. He looks at his watch and says it's time to go, folds Taz and the couch into a suitcase, puts it in a mailbox, he gets picked up by a mail truck, put back by a mail truck, and comes out with stickers all over him saying what countries he's been to, like a steamer trunk.

Taz runs after Bugs into a hospital zone. Bugs rolls himself by on a gurney (feet on the ground walking, head on the pillow reclining) telling him to be quiet. Inside, Bugs is a nurse telling Taz, "Congratulations, it's a boy!"

Bugs gives Taz a swaddled bundle which he calls a bouncing baby boy, and he bounces it just to show him. Taz gives Bugs a cigar and unwraps the baby, which is a time bomb. Bugs is smoking the cigar, dressed as a surgeon and calls in the re-exploded Taz to be his assistant.

"I've done it. He'll live! They said it couldn't be done, and he'll live!"

An ecstatic Bugs leaves the room as Taz looks at the patient. It's Frankenstein's monster, who does in Taz and heads for Bugs. "Not me, Frankie!" Offscreen, the two of them are beat up.

Bugs: "Is there a doctor in the house? Huh? Is there?"