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Bill of Hare (1962)
Directed by: Robert McKimson
Featuring: Tasmanian Devil

A scientific expedition...the team boards a ship, carrying their finds with them. On board, in a crate, is the Tasmanian Devil. Taz breaks loose and, whirling dervish that he is, he destroys and sinks the ship. He bumps into a shark, hurting the shark. When he comes to dry land, Taz smells the supper that Bugs is cooking.

An interesting shot shows Bugs in the foreground cooking, while Taz lurks in the background, and Bugs says, "Did you ever get the feeling you was bein' watched?"

Taz comes over and puts Bugs into his own stewing pot. Bugs acts as if he's taking the hot bath he's been looking forward to, erecting a shower curtain: when Taz peeks inside, Bugs looks like an old man with a white beard made of soap suds. When Taz peeks again, Bugs is a young woman who screams at this invasion of her privacy. Taz takes a second look and winds up getting mouse traps clamped on his fingers. Bugs pretends to be drowning and Taz goes in the pot to rescue him. Bugs then rivets the lid onto the pot, loads it into a cannon and says, "G'bye now. Don't forget to write."

Bugs returns to the cooking of his "carrot cacciatore," but the Tasmanian Devil returns and puts Bugs on a spit. Bugs tells him to turn faster, faster, and suddenly the rotisserie becomes the crank of an old-fashioned car in which Bugs drives away. Taz catches up to Bugs who asks him what he wants. Taz wants a rabbit sandwich, but Bugs points out to him that his natural food is moose. Bugs, ever-helpful, shows Taz where he can find a moose, and how to capture one. He brings Taz to a tunnel into which train tracks run. Taz lies in wait and gets run over by a train.

"Aw shucks," Bugs says, "you missed, doc."

Taz tries again and gets run over again by a moose gliding along the tracks. Taz catches up to Bugs posing as a waiter at "Petruchka’s Shishkabob Emporium." Taz sits down at a tree stump table while Bugs entertains him with a violin solo. "They say music has charms to soothe the savage beast."

Taz eats the violin and his stomach explodes. Bugs has escaped, but Taz finds a sign that says, "Rabbit under door." He opens the door and sees another sign reading, "Bunny went this way." Bugs cleverly leads Taz into a zoo cage. Bugs the waiter hands Taz his menu, but Taz, fresh from his violin(t) explosion, holds up a sign which says, "Please do not feed the animals."

"Well what do you know? I never thought he'd lose his appetite."