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Bewitched Bunny (1954)
Directed by: Charles M. Jones

Two fat little Dutch children are playing outside when Witch Hazel spies them. She offers them cake and candy and ice cream if they just come into her house. But she plans to eat them for her supper. Bugs sees all this happening. "Why that dirty old.."

Witch Hazel prepares an ice cream sundae for the children. "This looks like a job for the masked avenger...but since he ain't here, I'll have to take care of it meself."

Bugs knocks on Hazel's door disguised as a truant officer looking for the children. The two of them are sitting in a roasting pan eating the sundae.

"Children, what are your names?"
"I am Hansel."
"And I am Gretel."

"Hansel?" This name sounds too funny to be right, and Bugs repeats it to himself a few times in disbelief.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Bugs says to the witch. "Roasting children."

"Call it a weakness."

Bugs tells the children she is a witch and plans to eat them, and they run out of there with hot fudge all over their faces. Hazel threatens Bugs with revenge.

"Ah, your mother rides a vacuum cleaner. No hard feelings, granny, but just remember, any rabbit's too smart for you."

Hazel sees that under the disguise, Bugs is indeed a rabbit, and she happens to need a rabbit part for her latest potion. And so the chase begins. Hazel gets on her broom and zooms off after Bugs. Bugs slams shut the top half of a dutch door and Hazel crashes into it, face first. Hazel decides she has to use witchcraft to catch this rabbit. She starts basting a carrot and the aroma draws Bugs to her kitchen. She forces him to wait outside until she calls him for supper. He waits impatiently as she pours a secret potion into a hole in the carrot and plugs it back up again.

"I get to lick the pot! I get to lick the pot!"
"Now you eat the nice carrot and mother will get your bed ready. Mother!"

Bugs eats the carrot in all of two seconds, and begins to choke and gasp like Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde.

"Come on, already."
"Wait. I got one more left."

Sure enough, one more choke and Bugs collapses. Hazel picks him up gently and places him in a roasting pan.

"Rockabye baby, into the oven. Into my mouth, for dinner I'm shovin'."

Hazel adds sliced carrots and vegetables, then leaves the room to look for some other ingredient. Just then, Prince Charming and his glorious white stallion appear at the door. Charming makes a grand entrance, walks across the room to the pan, and kisses the white-gloved hand that is reclining beside the pan. He wakes Bugs up.

"Thanks a lot, doc, but you got the wrong story. You want the story of 'Sleeping Beauty.' This here's Hansel and Gretel.'"

The name makes no sense to the prince either.

"Hansel? Hansel?"

Charming mounts his horse and leaves. Bugs hears Hazel coming back, so he grabs some magic powderin a case marked, "In case of emergency, break glass," and throws it at her feet. The puff of smoke clears, revealing a voluptuous pink rabbit with Witch Hazel's laugh. Bugs asks, "Going my way?" and pitches her some line about "you and I making beautiful music together," and they walk toward the door to the strains of "It Had to Be You." Bugs looks at the audience.

"Ah sure, I know. But aren't they all witches inside?"